¤¥†¥¤ -Torienthos Encinosa- ¤¥†¥¤

of theh

¤†¤ Shanaha Clan ¤†¤


Elven assets have been divined into the abilities of a ranger. Reptilian links of leather kindled with feralic insidiousness accentuates his movements. Sun-darkened flesh provided by the over watching of nature. Overshadowed by quivered feathers', a projectory means of his flight. Beneath hood, cloak and leathers an arsenal is worn. An elven nature keeps him lured to the forests, it is all too rare to find him in the solace of a tavern.


-This character is for adventure and monster slaying. I prefer to add NPC's into the storyline. He'll be involved in a raid on monster dens, saving damsels from raids or other attacks. He can also take part in capturing enemy peasants or nobles for information etc. He is otherwise a soldier of an elite squad either adventuring, exploring, or patrolling/protecting wooded areas. 


-Torienthos is my oldest character, if you actually take the length of time to read my unupdated webpages you'll be able to note there has been a lot of use in his years.


If you enjoy reading, I do have a number of short stories about him and his past adventures. Otherwise I've left his weapons, magic spells, and description on this site under the tabs on the left.

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